04 októbra, 2009

A prayer request

Hello my friends...

The truth is that I have no idea how many people actually read this blog. But for those if you that do (if you don't know whether you're in this category - you are [because you're reading this blog right now]). Ok, let's get to the main point now, shall we?

This year (hopefully) I graduate. What means that I need to apply for a collage/university. The problem is: I don't know what, where and when. I mean, not really:) This is my case...

About two years ago (just a couple of months after I became a Christian) God put this question in my head: Marek, what would you say about studying theology and be a "full-time Christian"? The question never let my mind. I gave it a cool head for half a year cause I've been told that these ideas are quite common to guys who just became Christians. So I've been waiting but over the time I realized that this idea grew into a desire. So about a year and a half ago I started to ask people questions and trying to find out what it really takes and what it really means to study theology and serve in full-time.

So after a while I talked to my mentor about this and he told me that we'll see. That I should just let it go for now and learn more about myself. What my gifts are and whether God really calls me into this. So I was waiting once again. And the summer came - last summer. I was doing camps all summer and that was kind of like a full-time ministry. During that month God turned the desire into a passion. So I had to meet with my mentor again and I told him everything. How I feel, what I do, what I want to do... When I said everything I wanted I said: Well, that's all from me. Now it'd be nice from you to give a respond.

The past year was really full packed with experiences and knowing myself and God. Getting to know what gifts God gave me and how He wants me to use them. I did School for leaders, joined the youth group team, every now and then helped out with small group, went to quite a few conferences and now.......I came to the point where I must make the decision. What do I do next? What do You, God, want me to do?

I know I'm way too far for being wise and because of that I decided to meet with those that have some wisdom and opinions to share. So in the coming four weeks I'll be meeting people. I'll be traveling and meeting with people not just from Trnava. So the next month is going to be really exciting but I need your help. Please pray. Pray that God would use those ten people to show me (clearly) where He wants me to go and what He wants me to do.

It's gonna be an interesting month. Meeting with people and talking with them. Asking God to lead me and show me where is my place. Please pray with me and I'll keep you updated with how the things are going.