28 septembra, 2008

Dominik - The Hunter

Yesterday we had another Dorast (youth group) and it was special cause we had cookout at Kohút's. We had some sausages and a wasp was flying around the food all the time. The hunting instinct woke up inside of Dominik's head so he grabbed a fork and stabbed it! Here's the proof.

26 septembra, 2008

I'm down / Getting Better

Those are songs from The Beatles. I really like 'em. But the names of the songs fit right into my life in the past weeks. You know, when you're down and you think it can't be any worse it will be. Then you start to think that it's so bad that you begin to lose the hope in the things to turn around and get better. What happens then? Then suddenly God's grace comes and enfolds you and you'll begin to feel so strong as you've never been before. But at the same time you realize that it's Jesus that is strong in you. And then you think how could have you ever doubted that God's help was on the way! After this you're trying to raise up again but this time you know what made you to fall the last time and so you're trying not to make the same mistake again. And you ask God for guidance and wisdom and for His grace to never leave you.

I know I wrote this all in second person but the story is about me. And I'm really glad for the time when I was really down 'cause that helped me to see the things from the real point of view (not from the top one when you see everything OK just because you want it to be like that). And when God showed His mercy upon me again I was able to start getting better.

21 septembra, 2008


hey everybody,

some of you might wonder why i didn't write anything for a while. it's not because here's nothing good enough to write about. so let's begin with the biggest news of the last couple of weeks.

last weekend we had a youth conference of our church. that was awesome. i really like this conference. it's happening once a year and every time a different church is hosting it. and i was really looking forward to this conference cause i so far each conference i've been to (only three) had a special message for me. and each one of 'em was a little milestone for me in my christian life so i was wondering what God had prepared for me this time. and i gotta tell you that this conference was the biggest milestone in my christian life so far (not counting becoming a christian of course). do you wanna know what was the message this time? keep reading...

so far these messages were good and encouraging. but this one was probably the hardest to take. at the conference God let me to see my heart the way it is. not the way i want to see it. and that got me on my knees. cause just all of sudden i saw that my ministry wasn't like i thought it was. that my reasons and my attitudes weren't set right. to realize you stopped to serve God alone is a knocking-down event for a christian. and ever since then i'm finding myself unable to serve, to do ministry and praise the LORD with my life. so in these days i'm trying to repent. to humble myself and ask God for restoring my heart. to live for God is what i love the most. to serve Him is my pleasure. and i just see myself i'm not doing this anymore and i need to get back as soon as possible. all these days i feel empty inside. trying to burn up with love for Christ once again. asking Him for mercy.it's really hard. cause Christ is filling of my life and i'm having problems with that right now what means that my life is not filled and is empty. my soul is starving for the LORD and wants to feel His presence. it's really hard to live the way i live for the past week. i know that God is teaching me a lesson. and i got to learn it. i don't know how long is this all gonna take. i just know that the LORD is in control of everything and must trust Him completely.
please, pray that i will learn the lesson and that this all will be used for the glory of Christ!


06 septembra, 2008

first dorast

OK. So today we had our first Dorast (youth group). We went over to Lenka's village and we had a lot of fun. Dominik has the theme for today's Dorast and it was Israelites leaving from the land of Egypt. And we kinda acted it out. Dominik was Mozes, Juraj was an Egyptian and the rest of us were Israelites. Juro was chasing us all the time and then when we were crossing a little creek (the Red sea) he was willing to get into that dirty-stinky water just to show what's gonna happen to those who will decide to go against the LORD. And as Israelites ate bread without yeast we had some dough made (from Lenka and Monika) and we grilled it over a fire (btw: it was pretty tasty). Anyway, that's kinda what happed today.

This was my first Dorast where I was in the leader team. And I want to ask you guys to pray for us as we're young Christians that don't really have much experiences and need to be careful and faithful to the work we were called to do.

04 septembra, 2008


This morning I woke up and the first thing I remember is a huge headache and I felt awful. So I grabbed a thermometer and I found out that I have a fever! Isn’t that great? (being sarcastic). I tried to sleep and to eat. To rest and do stuff that should help me to get better but, so far, nothing has helped. Ever since I woke up I have this huge headache and fever. My mom just got home from work and she fixed bryndzové halušky so I hope that this good food will help.

01 septembra, 2008


OK. So yesterday was The Human Race day. To make it I had to run at least 10 km (6.25 miles). But I've decided to make my own record. The old one was 13.44 km (8.4 miles). And just to make it easier to convert from kilometers to miles I wanted to do 16 km (10 miles). And I did it! I've ran 10 miles with one little break. And I'm proud of myself. 'Cause two and a half years ago I would make maybe one mile and be done. And I had my friends that supported me and biked beside me all along. Carried water for me and were a moral support to the end.

But God has shown once again how great He is. That He can give enough strength to His people to complete tasks they would only dream of. And only with His blessing I was able to make this run to the very end. Praise the LORD for the great things He's doing in our lives!

can be even worse?

Few days ago I've probably seen the worst movie in my life. Dominik and me wanted to watch some movie. So Dominik came over and we sat down and took the collection of movies I found at my house. As we were getting through them we saw a movie called I Think Love My Wife. We both said: That sounds like a good comedy. Let's watch it! So we we began.

Just in short I'm gonna tell you what's the movie about. There's a guy that loves his wife and his family is alright. But there's a little problem. He never has sex with his wife. So he starts to look after another women. It's really dumb. But then when he's about to have something with a woman he always dreamed of (and she was hitting on him) he looked into a mirror and saw himself there. Then he turned around and left this girl alone and as he was leaving he said something really good (actually the only good lines in the movie :-) :

Life is about a choice. And most of 'em are made for us. You can't choose when you were born. You can't choose where you were born. You can't choose your family. You can't even choose who you love. But you can choose how you love.

I have to stop complaining about what I don't have and start appreciating what I have.

So since you've read these lines you don't really have to bother to watch the movie. Unfortunately I had to get through all of the boring parts to hear these lines. So next time I won't watch a movie just because of the name :-)