30 augusta, 2008

Me, myself, and iPhone

That's an article I read today on some website. That guy was talking how easy it is for a human to turn from God to the technology we have in these days. How to begin to rely on a wrong thing. Here's something from what he wrote:

A capable cell phone today has more computing power than the computer that took the Apollo astronauts to the moon. I love science, because it displays God's wisdom (Proverbs 8:22-31). I love technology, because it shows what great gifts God has given to us, and what great human capacity God has given us to exercise dominion (Genesis 1:28-30). But I see hopes placed in science and technology that they cannot fulfill. Science, it is said, will solve the problems of world hunger. It will bring world peace. And more and better technology will solve the problems introduced by lesser technology. Well, sometimes; and in some ways. Maybe science will find an efficient way to harness nuclear fusion to produce clean power—or maybe not. But we can be awash in technology and still be hate-filled or lonely. You can have 200 friends on Facebook and have no one who really knows you, no one who loves you.

At the end he said that we should not forget what way we're suppose to walk on. That Jesus is the way (John 14:6). The way for us!

29 augusta, 2008


Nike has a great thing called Nike+ that works with an iPod nano. It tells you how much you ran, how fast you ran and how many calories you burned. And it's awesome.

Nike has decided to make an event called THE HUMAN RACE 10K by Nike+. On August 31st2008 all of the runners around the world will get together and run 10K. But at this day it's not gonna be just a run. Because on this particular day you'll run for a cause.

Beyond running and music, the Nike+ Human Race is also an opportunity to give back. Participants will be able to run for a worthy cause and support the three official Nike+ Human Race charitable partners: the Lance Armstrong Foundation - uniting people in the fight against cancer; WWF - the global conservation organization addressing the causes and impacts of climate change; and the UN refugee agency's www.ninemillion.org campaign - bringing sport and education to refugee youth. Together, Nike and runners will raise funds to donate at least USD $3 million to the Nike+ Human Race charities.

15 augusta, 2008

Budiš commercial

Hello! So this is my third post that I promised you to write within 24 hours. So here it is:

On Thursday Juro Klementovič, Palo and me (and other 250 people) woke up and met at the square in Trnava to make a commercial. The joke was we did not know what kind of commercial it was suppose to be! (actually and us three did not know that). It was a commercial for a mineral water called Budiš. One of their lines says: The Godly taste of a mineral water. What we were doing was to make a mexican wave with drinking the water. The point was that Budiš is traveling across Slovakia and in each city it causes the wave. In fact they will use about 3-4 seconds from what we were practicing for about 2.5 hours. But hey, I'm gonna be on TV!
(when it will appear on TV I'll record it and will let you know.)

Here is an old commercial for Budiš:

And just for fun. Have you ever wondered how many people does it take to make a mexican wave? Here is the answer:

Hiking trip

I don't know whether you knew but there was a meteor shower several days ago when Earth was getting through a mess of an old comet. It wasn't something great but it was kinda nice. Because it's too bright in Trnava Juraj Klementovič, Palo and me went for hiking that day and the plan was to sleep over at some nice meadow and be watching some "falling stars".

Everything went according the plan but we all were so tired. But we did it. Then we made a fire (don't worry it's not illegal to make a random fire in a forest in Slovakia :-) And Juraj was so nice and he took care about Palo and me. He brought some špekačky and some really tasty cheese to grill. It was delicious!

NDuring the night we saw some "stars" but I was so tired that after I got into my sleeping bag I fell asleep right away. But in the middle of the night I woke up just for about 15 seconds and I looked up to the sky and saw a huge and nice meteor falling dawn. It was awsome.

Well that's about all. Next day we hiked back to Trnava and were even more exhausted.
But hey, that's a hiking!

And Palo found this really funny commercial. I think it's worth of watching.

14 augusta, 2008

CampFest -- Open air music fest

From August 7th to August 10th here in Slovakia we had a Christian music festival called Campest. During these days we could have seen a lot of Christian artist from around the world. USA, UK, Australia, SK and CZ. And this time it was happening for the 10th time! Let me tell you a little more about it.

What's the campfest all about is music. And I listen only to kind of music that I like and believe me it might be hard to get the right music for me. And it was. So I didn't go to concerts so much after all. But these are things I was doing at the campfest. I was going for workshops and for speakers with worship music (actually the only Slovak music that I listen to is Christian music [mostly worship - I love worship songs!]). And it was fain. I don't regred going there.

But there's a thing. There wasn't a campfest without rain. And from the name of the festival (campfest) it's not a hard job to figure out how you sleep there. Yeah, we were camping in tents. And it wouldn't be a real campfest without some rain. So it was raing for a day and a night. And camping itself wasn't the problem. The problem was that you were outside when you were going from place to place and you got wet. And it's not really nice to be wet all the day along. But we survived!

I'm really happy I got to go to the campfest. It was my first time and I'm glad I got there. It was an encouragement for me about my decision for my future. I had a really nice talk with some people and I spent a nice time with LORD there. And that's what is the most worth of all. To be with your LORD.

(more posts coming...)

[no title]

OK. I know it's not very polite to start a new blog and after a while forget about it. I just wanna let you know that I didn't forget. I just didn't have much time to write. But I'm about to change it. I promise that I will write at least three new posts within 24 hours! Deal?

05 augusta, 2008

Špačince Olympics 2008

OK. I know that this post is a little out-of-date since the camp is over from last Friday. But anyway, do you wanna know what was the camp like? Keep reading...

The camp was divided into two parts. Mornings and evenings. At the mornings it was just the same as it was during Jr. High Camp but we didn't have two English classes but just one and we had Music class where Anya was playing on a piano and the kids (and unfortunately the staff as well) were singing funny-silly songs :-) It was for kids from age of 6 to 10. The evenings were for High schoolers and for adults (even though we didn't have any adults after all). Before the camp we thought that we'll have to tell some kids that they cannot come because we're full. The truth was - we had only 7 kids. But that's what God gave us.

For this camp a team from Virginia came to help. And they were actually in charge of the whole camp (kind of). They are great people to work with and I really enjoyed it.

Boss-ka is talking (with Pepsi of course).

We began on Sunday evening with a cookout party in Špačince (a village close to Trnava where Dan and Rebecca live with their family). There's not much that happened during the camp that would be so cool to write it here. During the free time between the parts of the camp (12.30 pm - 6.30 pm) we ate, cleaned up and hanged out. And we had a really good time to get to know each other. On Friday we went to hike and then had a dinner as a team together.

Dan was so nice and brave that he let Dominik and me to use his cool old Škoda car during the week. So every morning we (one day Dominik another one it was me) picked up the rest of the people who would fit in and we drove to Špačince and back. And every evening we drove Lenka home She lives in a village that is 15 minutes by driving away (with Škoda:-) . On Friday when we drove Lenka home we had some difficulties with the car. For some reason the whole car (except the engine) went out of battery. So the car was completely dark. Babulka was driving her car in front of the Škoda car so I could see on the road. Then somehow I figered out how to make the car to work again. So all the energy came back and we got back and this time with our lights on! As danguerous as it seems it was a great ride :-)

Parking is not one of my best skills :-)

All together (Lenka's taking the pic :-(

Anyway, the whole week was really great. Even though during this time I began to feel all the tiredness from the past camps with God's help we managed it to the end. And one woman from the Virginia team - Mary - told me a beautiful thing that encouraged me a lot. She said: "Stay strong for Jesus!!"

The team (though some are missing).

So as I look back for the past 5 weeks when we all worked hard I see a great blessing from LORD that He gave us. I see tons of answered prayers and new relationships He built between us. And lots of other things He blessed us with. And for me personally He made my desire for Him to grow even more!