24 júla, 2010

God Loves Us Because He Loves Us

When I was preaching my first sermon back in December, I was talking there about God's love for us. Many times before that I asked myself: If I had an opportunity to ask God one question, what would it be? After not that much of thinking I found out that the question would be: Why? Why did you die for me? Why have you chosen me to be your child? Well, I tried to imagine this whole conversation with God and I think it would go something like this:

21 júla, 2010

Mark Ashton - On My Way to Heaven

Mark Ashton wrote a little book called "On My Way to Heaven". Mark Ashton was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer and he knew it was terminal a year before he died. Before he died he wrote this book where he talks of the significance of Jesus' resurrection that happened 2 000 years ago for the people living in 21st century. It is a very small book (took me one lunch to read it all) and quite encouraging. You can read it for free here: On My Way to Heaven. However, I want to share with you one of the last things he says in the book:

08 júla, 2010

The LORD of Time and Space

God has once again shown that He is God and He alone. On my way back home from London I was facing a situation where I had to decide: Do you really believe that with God all things are possible? Well, some background to the story will help you to understand…

01 júla, 2010

Cornhill - London - Day FAIL

OK. I knew this would happen...that I would keep things updated. Well, I did say that it was a naive plan. Anyway, probably on Sunday (or Monday latest) I will write a post where I will summarize everything I've learnt and seen during this week in UK.