08 júla, 2010

The LORD of Time and Space

God has once again shown that He is God and He alone. On my way back home from London I was facing a situation where I had to decide: Do you really believe that with God all things are possible? Well, some background to the story will help you to understand…

It’s Saturday morning, the day I’m going back home after a week spent in London, where I came to a preaching summer school. My bus was to leave at 8.00am and so the night before I checked whether there are going to be any interruptions on the subway so I know when to leave and how to get to the bus station.

So I woke up something before six. I took a shower, packed all my stuff and was getting ready to leave. The day before however, there was some fire in the subway and so the whole block was out of service. So I took a replacement bus that took me to the next subway station. There I got on a line that was suppose to take me to the bus station. But suddenly, I see people leaving the train and so I take off my headphones and listen to the driver that says: We apologize, but the train will not stop at the Oxford Circle (place where I was suppose to change the train to get straight to the bus).

At this time I had some 35 minutes left before the bus was suppose to leave. So I rushed out of the station and was looking for a bus that would somehow get me to the station. I found this guy that helped me to get to the bus stop from where I can get to the station. Now remember, it’s still Saturday and the good thing is: there’s not so much of traffic. The bad thing however is: the buses don’t go that often. At this point it was 25 minutes till the bus leaves. I looked at the map and soon found out that it takes 25 minutes for the bus to get to the station. What does that mean? At best, I get somewhere close to the station right at the time when the bus leaves – without me!

This what time when I had to realize one thing: the fact that God is ultimately and completely sovereign over EVERYTHING means, that He is also sovereign over time and space. Even if the bus was to leave in 5 minutes and I am still stuck at the other side of London – if He wills, I’ll make it – no matter what! And so I just prayed. I knew I had done everything I could have possibly done to make it. And now it’s up to Him. If He wants me to stay in London for another day and pay extra money to get back home (whatever the reason might be) then so be it! He is God and I am man. Oh, and one more thing: He is a GOOD and WISE God. And loving also…

OK now, back to the story. I’m on the bus taking me to the bus station. Have no idea how much longer, have no idea if I’m going back home. But I’m still praying and asking God for strength to believe Him and trust in Him. We finally reach the station and I just off the bus (I was being careful with the suitcase Janna, don’t worry:) I ask this guy where are the international lines and he says something: On the traffic light go left, two blocks down, … So I immediately take off and run and run and run. I get on this bus station with buses going to Poland and such. I look at my cell phone and the time is 8.00am! I’m thinking at this point: Just keep on walking in the middle of the route and when you see a bus with Slovak plates just stop in the middle of the route and don’t let them go without you. Smart plan, huh? But there’s one catch: the bus station is divided into two parts and I’m in the wrong one! So I ran once again thinking: there I had a small change to make it – now it’s probably gone – unless God wants me to go back home NOW.

I was being pretty rude cause I just got in front of people that were staying in a line and I interrupted their talked and just asked the info guys: WHERE ARE THE INTERNATIONAL LINES TO SLOVAKIA? Of course it’s on the very end of the station. So I’m running across the building and then walking among the buses trying to spot one that is from Slovakia. But I didn’t see any. I looked at the clock and it was 8.10am. So I walked in and went into international check-in and (again ignoring the line and people and talk) I asked the lade working there: Has the bus going to Slovakia left already? To what she said: Say.

That’s it. Missed it. Now new goal: what do I do now? So I got in the line and said: OK, so I missed it cause the subway was closed. What do I do now? She asked me where I’m going and I gave her my ticket. She looked it up in the computer and said to me: You’re lucky. Your bus was changed. You’re leaving at 10.00am. I was like: Whaaaaaaat? She said: Yes, just come back in an hour for the check-in and you’re leaving at 10.00am.

When I was in the bus I seriously was thinking that even if I have only five minutes left and still am many many miles away, if God wants to, I can make it. Friends, God gave me so much of time that I would still have time to go home, make a sandwich and come back – all in peace! Meanwhile I’m sitting in the waiting room of the station (still have over an hour left before I leave) and writing this article rejoicing how sovereign, wise and loving our Father is towards His children. To say that I love Him will surely not measure up to the gratitude and affections I have for Him.

To the LORD of time and space be the glory!

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