24 júla, 2010

God Loves Us Because He Loves Us

When I was preaching my first sermon back in December, I was talking there about God's love for us. Many times before that I asked myself: If I had an opportunity to ask God one question, what would it be? After not that much of thinking I found out that the question would be: Why? Why did you die for me? Why have you chosen me to be your child? Well, I tried to imagine this whole conversation with God and I think it would go something like this:

G: Marek, you may ask me one question. But chose it carefully because you have only one.
M: OK. I know the question.
G: Ask me.
M: Father, why?
G: Why what?
M: Why did you save me? I mean, why me? There are so many other people in the world that won't be saved - and they even live a lot better lives than I do! Why did you even bother to think about such a bad man as I?
G: Why do you think I sent my Son Jesus to died for you and so to save you?
M: Because you love me?
G: See? You know the answer.
M: But why? Why do you love me?
G: Because I love you.
M: You love me because you love me?
G: Yes, my child. I myself am the reason of my love for you. You cannot go beyond that because there's no beyond. Marek, I don't love you because you're good. Or because you're lovely. But because long before the ages have begun I have chosen you to be my son. I have chosen to love you. So when you ask me why I love you, my answer is: I just do.

There are many implications coming from this meditation. FIRST of all, we can be sure of God's love because it's not dependent on us as it's foundation but on God and his love for us that was expressed the most at the cross of Jesus. SECOND, it displays God love for us in such amazing way. God doesn't love us because he has to, is obligated to, or is required to. He loves us simply because he wants to! So many relationships are broken because the foundation they are built upon is weak and not able to hold the weight of it. But our relationship with God is built upon a foundation that will stand for all eternity - the cross. THIRD, it shows how much God really loves us. God could have said: I will love you only if... But there's no IF in God's love. There's only IS. God could have set requirements but he decided he'll take all the requirements on himself. And so now the only requirement for God's love is God himself. FORTH, out of all the possible ways how God could have expressed his love for us, this one shows forth the most if his glory and greatness because in his love God is fully revealed. Since love is expressed on the cross and it's right there - on the cross - where meets God's love, justice, righteousness, holiness, grace, wisdom, sovereignty. And all this points to his glory!

There is still one more thing that needs to be added to all that has just been said. The only way to God's love is Jesus Christ on the cross. Because it was there, on the cross, where God showed his love for us the most: God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). So the greatest expression of his love is found at the cross - the greatest proof of his love. What happens if you reject it? If a man offers a woman a wedding ring and she rejects it – she is rejecting his very love. She is basically saying: I don't want the love you've got to offer. Keep it. I have no interest in it. Therefore, all that is said above is impossible without the cross - because that is the very place where God's love is found – that is the wedding ring.

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