29 januára, 2010


A week ago I started watching a new TV show - House. In today's episode there was this conversation that, I thought, was funny and worth sharing. But you really need to watch it on your own in order to get the same experience. It's first season third episode.

House: Make a note. I should never doubt myself.
Another doc: I think you'll remember. You know, it would hurt you to be wrong every now and then.
House: What? You don't care about these people?

That's what I call a healthy self-esteem:)

28 januára, 2010

House of God Forever

A music video our our new band that we haven't named yet:) But it was lots of fun recording and (especially) editing :D

Btw, yes we know that the lyrics aren't related to what's going on in video in any way...but hey, it was recoded at our church...so goes the title: House of God Forever....:)

Voice: Kristian Lundgaard and Jeni Williams
Video and editing: Marek Tomašovič

Enjoy! :)

14 januára, 2010

That's a ministry!

About a month ago I read how one can minister in a prison (even if you're a part of the prison). This is an excerpt from the article that was published at DesiringGod.org, that you can read HERE:

This prison (Angola Prison in Angola, Louisiana) is the largest maximum-security prison in America. It is one of the most famous prisons in the whole world. It has only murderers, rapists, armed robbers and habitual felons. The average sentence is 88 years, with 3,200 people in one place serving life sentences. Ninety percent of the inmates will die here. This is a place of hopelessness, so if Angola can change, the rest of the country’s prisons can’t say, “We can’t do this.”

There is a local extension of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in the prison and about 140 prisoners are enrolled. There are six churches in the prison and they train their own pastors. They send trained “missionaries” to other prisons to plant churches. They do this without using any tax money. But O the money—and lives—it saves!

Violence in the prison is rare. Courtesy and respect is pronounced. The ministry team of women who were visiting at the same time we were said they were treated with more respect from prisoners here, than in many places on the “outside.” Public profanity is not allowed.

The 42-inch church bell hangs high over the chapel in a prisoner-built tower. They rescued the bell from storage where it had been put after falling and killing a man. Some of the prisoners say: The bell killed a man and we killed a man, but now the bell and we serve the Lord Jesus.

I preached with all my heart to those who could fit in the chapel, and to the rest by closed circuit television. G.B. (and three others on Death Row) told me they’d be watching. I pulled no punches:
For 90% of you the next stop is not home and family, but heaven or hell. O what glorious news we have in that situation. And believe me it is not the prosperity of Gospel. Jesus came and died and rose again not mainly to be useful, but to be precious. And that he can be in Angola as well as Atlanta. Perhaps even more.

12 januára, 2010

Does this game work? :)

Dominik and I as we're trying out a game for Dorast (we had to make sure it's playable:) And it was! :D

09 januára, 2010

John Piper on prosperity Gospel (new one)

This is a transcript I made of Q&A that John Piper gave at Angola Prison, LA on November 19, 2009:

Satan has two ways to destroy your faith. 

One: pain
Two: pleasure 

He can kill you either way. He can make you so painful you curse him. Or so pleasurable your forget him. I think pleasure kills more people in this world, way more, then pain. Way more! Have you ever heard anybody say: I got to know Jesus more deeply in the bright sunny days then I did any other day. You never hear anybody to say that. What is hear every day of your life, almost, is: When the lights went out in my life I found Jesus. When the things got hard in my life Jesus showed up. So I just don't buy the prosperity thing. I don't buy that you have to be well, you don't have to be out of prison, you don't have to get a good job, you don't have to get a good wife. None of these prospers things are the sure signs of God's blessing. Blessing comes in forms you never dreamed. And if you're a child of God I'll tell you in what form it comes in: every form!

All things work together for good for those that love God according to his purpose. So you keep loving God and you know that everything is working…everything's working. 

Source: DesiringGod.org