26 augusta, 2010

Pre koho šiel Kristus na kríž?

V kázni, ktorú som kázal minulú nedeľu (22.8.2010) som povedal nasledovné (tu je úryvok):

24 augusta, 2010

To English speakers: Time of Transitions

over two years ago I've started this blog to let people know about the things that were happening in my life (I thought this blog would become the most popular blog on Blogger, but it didn't - probably my life's not interesting enough). Slowly over the time the content has been changing and just recently it reached its right form. From just "What's going on in my life" and happened to be a tool I was trying to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike. I was even more encouraged by receiving some feedback on the posts I published and so the vision of encouraging people was even deeper. The first transition came...

Kázeň update #4: Ako uzrieť Božiu slávu a prežiť?

22.8.2010 - Marek Tomašovič - Ako uzrieť Božiu slávu a prežiť - stiahnite si kázeň - stiahnite si poznámky


The title of the sermon is: "How to behold God's glory and survive?" - use GoogleTranslate for the notes if you want to: GoogleTranslated notes.

20 augusta, 2010

Lecrae - Don't Waste Your Life

If you have 4 minutes now, please watch this video and make sure you're listening to the lyrics. If you aren't native English speaker and need the lyrics they're included right after the video (it's a fast song). I've been listening to this song over and over again for the past week. In the past, some Christians made hymns that were full of Bible, sound doctrine and full of Christ (like Solid Rock and such). I personally am not a big fan of rap but there's one thing I admire about it: It allows you to express yourself very freely and therefore it can be used as a great and powerful tool to share the message of Gospel.