24 augusta, 2010

To English speakers: Time of Transitions

over two years ago I've started this blog to let people know about the things that were happening in my life (I thought this blog would become the most popular blog on Blogger, but it didn't - probably my life's not interesting enough). Slowly over the time the content has been changing and just recently it reached its right form. From just "What's going on in my life" and happened to be a tool I was trying to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike. I was even more encouraged by receiving some feedback on the posts I published and so the vision of encouraging people was even deeper. The first transition came...

Back in March I wrote a little post about Why Do I Blog, Tweet and FB - and why in English? I had decided that I would Facebook and Tweet in Slovak so I can reach more people but still keep the blog in English (since I still thought that more people are reached through that). However, things are changing now. I've decided that I'm switching to Slovak completely. You can see that most of the blog context has been already translated from English to Slovak and soon you will see Slovak articles being posted.

I want to be as much accessible to Slovaks as possible and therefore this shift is inevitable. For leave those of you who are native English speakers with these two options:
1) Learn Slovak.
2) At the bottom of every page you will find the US flag. When you click on it, you'll be automatically taken to a translated version using GoogleTranslate. The translation won't be super-awesome, but it will suffice to understand and comprehend what I'm trying to say (at least I hope it will - and if it won't, there's still the #1 way: learn Slovak:)

In some way I will miss it all. This blog is changing and so is my life. It's not only about changing the blog theme and language. Also, I'm about to start seminary and the life will be taking new turns and shifts. And so I felt like in the light of these changes I could make one more and make this a Slovak blog. You know, I really enjoy writing in English (sometimes even more then in Slovak) and so giving up of this is kind of weird. 99% of the stuff that has been so far written here was in English.

But I'm looking forward to the changes that are ahead. Because the days that will bring those changes have already been written down in the book of my Father, who dearly loves me (Psalm 139:16).

I'll miss you non-Slovak speaking people,

3 komentáre:

Ande Truman povedal(a)...

I will selfishly miss your English words here, Marek-- but the important thing is for you to communicate the Gospel to those you can reach! Congratulations on going to seminary- I'm really excited to know what'll happen to you in the near future :)

Priscilla Larkin povedal(a)...

This is great motivation to learn Slovak! I made some new Slovak friends this past summer in England--they have such a heart for the Lord like you do (hopefully you can meet some time!). Very exciting news about seminary and all that lies ahead.

Graeme povedal(a)...

Not only will I learn Slovak, but I will do so using your blog posts :)