09 januára, 2010

John Piper on prosperity Gospel (new one)

This is a transcript I made of Q&A that John Piper gave at Angola Prison, LA on November 19, 2009:

Satan has two ways to destroy your faith. 

One: pain
Two: pleasure 

He can kill you either way. He can make you so painful you curse him. Or so pleasurable your forget him. I think pleasure kills more people in this world, way more, then pain. Way more! Have you ever heard anybody say: I got to know Jesus more deeply in the bright sunny days then I did any other day. You never hear anybody to say that. What is hear every day of your life, almost, is: When the lights went out in my life I found Jesus. When the things got hard in my life Jesus showed up. So I just don't buy the prosperity thing. I don't buy that you have to be well, you don't have to be out of prison, you don't have to get a good job, you don't have to get a good wife. None of these prospers things are the sure signs of God's blessing. Blessing comes in forms you never dreamed. And if you're a child of God I'll tell you in what form it comes in: every form!

All things work together for good for those that love God according to his purpose. So you keep loving God and you know that everything is working…everything's working. 

Source: DesiringGod.org

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