26 septembra, 2008

I'm down / Getting Better

Those are songs from The Beatles. I really like 'em. But the names of the songs fit right into my life in the past weeks. You know, when you're down and you think it can't be any worse it will be. Then you start to think that it's so bad that you begin to lose the hope in the things to turn around and get better. What happens then? Then suddenly God's grace comes and enfolds you and you'll begin to feel so strong as you've never been before. But at the same time you realize that it's Jesus that is strong in you. And then you think how could have you ever doubted that God's help was on the way! After this you're trying to raise up again but this time you know what made you to fall the last time and so you're trying not to make the same mistake again. And you ask God for guidance and wisdom and for His grace to never leave you.

I know I wrote this all in second person but the story is about me. And I'm really glad for the time when I was really down 'cause that helped me to see the things from the real point of view (not from the top one when you see everything OK just because you want it to be like that). And when God showed His mercy upon me again I was able to start getting better.

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