19 januára, 2009


I know that this is not really up-to-date but anyway. You can still read it, right? So here it is:

Two weeks ago I went to another ŠPM but this time it was special in many ways. One of them was that it wasn’t in Žilina this time but right down at the Tatras. And not just for two days, but for three! And not just ŠPM students but also our partners from the team. In our case it was suppose to be Lenka. But because of these test-time weeks she’s too busy with the school so she wasn’t able to make it. So she better do all of the tests for A, otherwise...

Anyway, the whole thing was divided into two different parts. The first one- a regular ŠPM – was from Thursday’s evening 'till Friday’s evening when our (I mean their) colleagues came and the second part began – TVT (Training Weekend for Teams).

Well, ŠPM was really nice. Though it took us to get there almost 5 hours but it was worth it! I gotta say that I love ?Tatras. It was sooo awesome when we were on the way there and the Sun was going down and the snow on the hory turned into pink and that was really beautiful. Finally we got there and we began as usually – Systematic Theology by Zac Shepperson :) (btw, the most favorite of mine!) and then some more studying. At the evening t he next day (Friday) TVT began. A lot of people came and so after all there were about 50 people! We began we some seminaries (like Time management, Worship, Teaching) and then Zac was in charge of a creative evening. Well, I got to say that he did a really good job. We played couple of games (where you had to use your creativity [quite hard for me :D ] ). And then we re-lived a Bible story. The story of Gideon. We had torches, balloons (was suppose to represent a trumpet:) and a candle (to light the torch). We surrounded the camp place of Midians and on the mark of Gideon (Zac) we lighted our torches, raised them up and shouted. It was a great idea to re-live a Bible story so now I think than none of us will ever forget about Gideon and who he was.

During TVT Dominik and I realized that our team is not in fact a team. At least we don’t work as a team should. And with lots of thought and encouragements we returned back to Trnava. And last Saturday we had a team meeting where we all discussed all of the things. The meeting was all together 6,5 hours long but it was worth it! We talked about everything we planned on and we came up with some good stuff. And we have a statement!

The Dorast statement:

I’m really proud on our team. God gave us lots of good thoughts and ideas. And I feel good about the coming months. You know, The LORD was faithful and was blessing us while we were almost inactive. I can hardly imagine what He’s gonna do now, when we want to be a little more active:)

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