20 decembra, 2008

Dorast sleepover.

Last night we had a sleepover with our Dorast kids. We wanted to do something special for them and the sleepover seemed to be the best thing that came to our minds, simply just because it's one of the best relationship-building activity you can do.

The kids came at 5 as usually, and we had kind of ordinary Dorast. Warm up, games, some kinda teaching (my responsibility this time) and some more games. Then we had a dinner that Dominik prepared with some kids and I took some kids with me and we set up for a movie to watch and to have dinner. Then we all got together, prayed and ate.

Then we watched a movie. It was Facing the Giants. I now that a lot of people don't like the movie because it's over-happy-ending but you gotta admit that the movie has a lots of points you can talk about. After the movie Dominik made a delicious hot chocolate. I dare to say one of the best (if not the best) I've ever had. Then we played some more games and it was almost midnight and so we went to sleep. But the night. It was really bad. Not because the kids would make any problems, but I didn't prepare for sleeping at the Building good enough. I brought a blanket and since I don't wear a pijama I was there on the stage in my boxers covered with the blanket. I was freezing! So then at 6 am I put on my clothes and slept with them on (I didn't want to do it at first because I brought them for the church).

In the morning we woke up, ate some breakfast and cleaned up and set up for the church. About 5 kids from Dorast stood for the church and during the service we had a Christmas skit so it was really nice to have them there.

Well, that's pretty much what has been going on this weekend. I'm really glad that the holidays have come so I can get some rest after ŠPM, Romania, Dorast and bunch of other stuff. Not that I didn't like them, it was just too much lately (and we were caroling tonight). But I'm thankful for every single thing and person.

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