10 mája, 2009

Don't waste your life

Sometimes I just stop for a while and I try to look back into my past and try to see where I am. Where I came from what all has changed. I don't have to go too far to see where I came from. This summer it's going to be just two years since I've given my life to Lord. And that made a huge difference for me. Today I was translating sermon. God gave me this gift of learning English quite fast and so I want to give it back to Him. Just as Jesus was telling the parable of servants that received the talents. I don't want God to tell me one day You wicked, lazy servant! I want to use the talents that I got wisely and make some use of them. This morning I came to the church earlier because I wanted to go through the sermon one more time before the service would start. And I was sitting in a window with my legs being hanging over it and translating for myself. Suddenly I realized how many things God has done for me and inside of me. That if He would not have called me I would be probably sleeping and never caring about Him. Wasting my life. But He has called me. And that He just called me - He gave me work to do. He gave my gifts and talents that He wants me to use. Yeah, I know that I mess up every now and then but I'm trying to be faithful. You know, I was there this morning translating. Serving the Lord. Every time I'm about to translate a sermon I get so nervous. But I my trust is in Lord. And so when I stand up from my chair to walk to the front to translate suddenly everything is gone. There's no stress left in me. He takes it all away and makes it easier for me to serve Him. I remember last summer when I was translating a sermon for the very first time. Even twenty seconds before I was suppose to walk up front I was as nervous as I had never been before. Then the time came and Jeff just tapped me on my back and I stood up. Right in that very second God took everything away. It was so strong that I couldn't believe for a little while that just five seconds ago I was having so much adrenalin in my veins and now it's all gone and I can focus on the translation. That was a miracle for me that day. And I still experience this kind of fear but then just a simple thought that it's all for God and His glory makes it all go away. And so it was this morning.

As I was sitting in the window in the morning I realized that I'm so thankful that God called me and that I'm not wasting the life I've been given. I really like this video clip. It's been an inspiration to me not to waste my life but to use it for God's glory.

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