16 júna, 2009

My school...

In couple of days it’s gonna be over. And I probably won’t be that sad and heart-broken. But I got to say that it was an interesting school year. At the beginning of the school year, back in September, I asked myself a question: What my priorities are going to be for this school year? I’ve decided that my Top Priority would be my ministry. That that would be the most important thing I would do throughout the year. The one I would care about the most. But then I asked what about the school? Well, how to say it…I almost removed that one from my list. I’ve realized that I don’t really want to do computers and informatics anymore. That I can’t imagine myself doing this kind of stuff as my job. That I feel to be led somewhere else then the chair and laptop. I said to God: Look, I really want to do ministry for you and I’m willing to pour myself into it as much as you want me to. But you know, there’s school. I’ll need a help with that…

You all probably know how hard it is to study something you…well, hate. Not easy. Throughout the past 10 months I’ve been involved in many various things that consumed almost all of my free time (I’m not complaining here – I chose it and I love to serve:). But it was interesting to see what the Lord was doing with my study. In a week I’m going to receive my report card for this year. I think that I can say that I spent all together 25 hours on studying for my class for the whole year (what actually means that I didn’t study almost at all)! But the result I got is more then overwhelming to me. I have together 11 classes. These are my grades:

A – nine times
B – twice
C, D, F – none

The last time it happened that I had no C at the card was when I was in 5th grade (8 yrs ago). I asked God to help me with my Slovak class where we study literature. Friends, I’ve got B! The last time I had B was in 6th grade. Ever since I was trying to make it to be B again, but never really happened. I stop trying to have no Cs but I have it now.

I’m not trying to look smart here (cause I personally don’t think I’m smart – I know smart people and I’m not one of them:). What I’m trying to show here is God. His faithfulness is way greater then we think or can even imagine. I told him: Lord, I want to serve you. But I need your help at school. And what has happened? More then I asked for. I never asked him to give me the best report card I have ever received. And I still can’t get over this experience. It’s really overwhelming to me because God showed me what to be faithful really means. It’s more then we often think. God was faithful to me beyond what I thought that to be faithful is.

Psalm 31:5
Into your hand I commit my spirit;
you have redeemed me, O Lord, FAITHFUL God.

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