21 júna, 2009

Grace (once again)

John says at the beginning of his gospel that Jesus (the Word) is grace and truth. And that from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace and through Jesus Christ came grace and truth.
(John 14-17)

Why does John start like this? Why does he use the word 'grace' so much and so often? Why is it so important for us to understand the grace? Those all are good questions to ask and even better to answer. But for now I want to talk about grace from a different perspective. From my own...

For the past six weeks I've been feeling really weird. I've been feeling like the joy has been sucked out of my ministry and my life. For some reason it's different. But I believe the Lord has a plan and I pray He would restore what's missing. But what has not changed is God Himself and His grace for us.

And the past week.....when I look back I see myself ignoring Him. Making myself deaf toward Him. Running away and talking to myself: Marek, you need some rest. Don't read...don't listen...don't think...don't pray...just rest. And I agreed on it. But He wasn't that way toward me. He had compassion over me. And the best way how He could show me my ignorance was to show me Himself. Instead of pouring out His just wrath on me He was even more gracious.

On Friday I was in Žilina. Many things happened that day. Things that exceeded my expectations. Things I would not even imagine. God was so gracious to me. I could have seen His grace on every little thing that day. At the end of the day, just before I went to sleep like at 1 am, I fell on my knees overwhelmed by seeing His grace and my unworthiness in the picture of the day. And friends, seeing this being on my knees in that room that night, was the best way to turn me around. Oh how I pray that God would show us His grace every day more and more. And that we would be changed more and more into His likeness through the grace that came through Jesus Christ into our lives. Let us receive grace upon grace!

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