04 decembra, 2009

Some more info on my preaching

As you may know from my previous post I will preach next Sunday (Dec 13th). I just want to give you some update on how things are going.

As I expected (and was pretty sure) my youth would be an obstacle to some. But I must say that I am really blessed by people that are in my church because they are finding their way through and are trying to accept me. I’m not saying there are no problems – I’d be lying if I said that. But God’s love unites us and helps us to get through some stuff.

And I know it requires of the people in our church to humble themselves cause there’s going to be standing a 19 yrs old guy (who hasn’t even finished his high school) and will be preaching to them. Oh how I love them to receive me in humility. And on the other hand it’s a great temptation for me to think high of myself. You know, preaching that early is not so common. And so both of us, the congregation and I, have to be careful about our hearts, motivations and thoughts.

But as I get closer and closer to the day I will preach God humbles me in so many ways. For the past weeks He’s been tearing down every single thing I might rely upon. And there’s nothing left now. Not my wisdom, not my skills, there’s nothing I could hold to. But there is GOD that I can and surely WILL rely upon to! He’s tearing everything down and leaves Himself as the only One that is still there.

He makes me to see more and more of the greatness of the preaching of the Word. More and more of the importance and need of it. And He’s showing me my heart – who I really am – oh and how that prepares me for the ministry. I was afraid I might grow in pride but He’s protecting me – I’m being more and more humbled. And what makes me humble the most is the thought of what preaching really is. Makes me feel unworthy of this great ministry.

This is what Cotton Mather said about preaching. He lived in 17th century:
“The great design…of a Christian preacher [is] to restore the throne and dominion of God in the souls of men.”
John Piper, The Supremacy of God in Preaching

Please pray for me that God would keep my heart pure and that the hearts of the people in our church would be open to the message of God that I will try to communicate as biblically and clearly as I am able to. For I am not preaching myself, but Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 1:23).


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