08 februára, 2010

Louie Giglio – How Great Is Our God

I just watched the video of Louie Giglio’s message called How Great Is Our God. And I’d like to share with you my opinions and impressions from the message.

Giglio uses great illustration about our universe and the way God created it. He also makes it really clear and plain to people who aren’t in love with the science (students are the main targeted audience). I like that he makes the contrast of how small and “unimportant” we are in the scope of entire universe, yet on the other hand how wonderful and “important” we are in God’s sight as His image-bearers.

Although there are three things I didn’t like about his message:

  1. Sometimes I thought he was going too far in the illustrations he made. What he said was still biblical and true (I agreed on that with him), but I’m not sure whether I would choose the same way of presenting it.
  2. Also, for the majority of time he was using background music as he was speaking. For your information, I am not a big fan of it. Why? Cause I believe in the supreme power of preaching that doesn’t need any emotions-affecting-background-music improvement. Because we want people to trust in Christ on the basis of their decision, not on the basis of their current feelings. I myself could have felt the effect of the background music on my processing of the message. It should be the Holy Spirit affecting us, not the music (although HS can [and I believe sometimes He does] use these kind of things).
  3. I didn’t hear the Gospel to be preached. He was talking about how significant we are for God (for He took a great care when He made us) and how great He is, but I think he missed the most important thing where His greatness is revealed the most – the Gospel – how Jesus Christ took on himself our likeness (nature of “insignificant” servants) and was willing to lay His life for us (and thus made us the most significant of everything else that was ever created!) – so we can have the significance we were once made for but fell short of. And he missed that…

So what is my conclusion? Watch it if you want to. It’s wonderful to know how our Lord and God has created the world we live in and our bodies we move in. It’s awesome. But keep in mind at least my third argument. Without Jesus’ death on the cross none of it would ever be possible!

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