04 októbra, 2008

ŠPM - day 2

well this might be a little weird and not telling you much about this day but it was AWESOME! i love it so much. to learn and study about our LORD and how to serve Him better and to know more about the religion you believe. it's just awesome. we spent like 7 hours of studing and it was lots of infornations for my brain to get for one time but i just enjoyed it so much! next ŠPM is gonna happen in two weeks. gotta say - can't wait!

tomorrow is sunday so dominik and me decided to go Žilina's church to visit and then afternoon we'll take a train home and we hope we'll be able to make it on time for kris' class. and then at 7.30 pm we plan on swimming in in-door swimming pool. sounds like a pretty full schedule :-)

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