02 októbra, 2008


Hello friends,

well tomorrow is the day that I've been waiting for so long (about 5 months). Tomorrow is the first day when Dominik and me will go for ŠPM. ŠPM is a shortcut for Škola pre Pracovníkov s Mládežou (School for Youth Leaders) and it's suppose to be really good (Petra attended this school two years ago). We'll be learning there systematic theology, bible "stuff" and stuff (don't really have any idea :-)

Anyway, this should train us to be better leaders and to know why we are leading and where are we leading to. So I just want to ask you for prayers for dominik and me as we'll be taking this for the whole school year that God would give us wisdom to understand and responsibility so we won't be lazy to study and read and for relationships there. And especialy for my relationship with dominik since we'll be spending even more time together :-)


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Ande Truman povedal(a)...

So this is for the whole school year, right? And is this like a full time place you go to, or how often will you be there during the week?

Marek povedal(a)...

we'll be there once a month from friday to saturday late night. during a month we'll be kind of homeschooling :-)