24 novembra, 2008


Well, Kris turned 50 today and he was so kind that he made a birthday party for his friends. We had a lot of fun there and the food was great as well. Ryan showed off his hidden love for music and was playing on a weird kind of instrument for us - and he was really good at it! Juraj Klementovič was dancing with Paula (and that was something everybody should see) and Ande made a birthday video for Kris that was really good. We all had fun. I heard some time ago that one of the Kris' wish for his B-day was that it would be snowing. As we were looking at the weather forecast it looked like it would at least snow a little. But the amount of snow we got here today is pretty awesome. I really enjoyed walking for 5 minutes home and listening to some good song on my iPod. Have those huge snowflakes falling on my face.

Thank you Kris for a wonderful time that we could have spent with you today.

2 komentáre:

Petra povedal(a)...

by ma zaujimalo jak sa preklada ozembuch :)

Anonymný povedal(a)...

You are welcome, Marek!