01 novembra, 2008

Halloween Party 2

OK. So few days ago I asked you to help me out with a costume for Halloween. Since Ande was the only one that participated (and her suggestion was really good) I decided I'd go for it and so my final costume was suppose to be a NERD. What do you think? Did I look like a nerd?
btw: there was a piece of a toilet paper hanging from my shoe :) Nerdy, huh?

2 komentáre:

Ande Truman povedal(a)...

Dude you TOTALLY pulled it off! Even down to the greasy hair and taped glasses haha. Congratulations :) Oh, and I have your 5 pounds of peanut butter on the way. You better enjoy it!

Marek povedal(a)...

Thanks, but it was all your idea. I would have been something cheap if you wouldn't help me with that. And thanks for the peanut butter. Bet I will enjoy it! :)