21 novembra, 2008


it's been three months since I did the last post. That's a heck long time! I thing i should make a change.

There are some things that happened since the last post. Last weekend Dominik, Lenka and I went to Žilina for a retreat that the church was doing for younger youth leaders (it's called Dorast and we have kids from 11-15). So we went there on Friday and since Lenka doesn' study in Trnava it was easier for her to come to Žilina. So she came to the train station and was waiting there for Dominik and me. We spent an awesome weekend there and we were learning how to lead a youth and about your appearance and that kind of stuff. I see it very helpful and good that we went there. On one hand we've learnt something new and on the other hand we spent a weekend as a team there and it was a good team building event. We came back from Žilina on Sunday afternoon.

On the other day, Monday, Miriam was planning a dinner for the Building stuff. And us, LTP and some other people (not in the Buildng team) came to help out. At morning Miriam, Babulka, Ninka, Kristian and I went to Tesco for shoping (and that was a pretty big shoping :) Then we went to the Building and began with cooking. Kristian and I got a manly job to do: to peal onions :) Well just to sum up, we did 16 onions and were crying like little boys. Then there was some cooking and another stuff that was needed to do in order to prepare a great evening for our friends. The plan was, the boys will be the waiters and the girls will be stuck in the kitchen. After the dinner you could have said they were happy from that cause it was obvious from their faces. And even us (who was helping to prepare this) were happy that we could have done domething to express our thankfulness to our friends and to tell them we appreaciate what they're doing.

So these two events are probably the biggest wow. Btw Ande came to Slovakia for a year so we all are happy to have her here with us. And Lesondaks are coming in the begining of December. I'm so happy I can be here with my friends.

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Ande Truman povedal(a)...

Come on Marek, you know that me coming here should have been the most important and monumental change of your entire year!!

jk.. we're very thankful from the meal you cried over :) Good to be here with you finally.