26 júla, 2009


The other night Kristian, Jeni (a girl that came from Austin, TX to help out with an English camp), Laura and I went to have some kofola/beer. It got quite windy when we were walking back home. And this is a conversation that somehow developed between Jeni and me:

J: Do you know what a tornado is?
M: Come on, I'm not dumb, I'm just Slovak!

Next day we kept on this very interesting topic and she was trying to explain me how a tornado happens. Later I found out that she doesn't really know so I told her what are Europeans thought at school. She was surprised that I knew it and so she said:

J: How did you know that?
M: School...?
J: What class did you take?
M: Ehm, I don't know. A general class...

I don't make any comments about this. Think whatever you want:) We had fun though. It probably doesn't sound funny to you but it was very funny when it happened. Thanks Jeni:)

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Jeni povedal(a)...


I do, in fact, know how a tornado forms. I even know the terms for the conditions required for a tornado to form. But how was I to know that you actually would know more than me?

BTW, you left out the part about how I said that the cold air and the hot air get mad and start fighting with each other. That is essential to knowledge of tornadic activity.


Petra povedal(a)...

Taka mierne typicka otazka od Americana, nie? A MILUJEM tvoju odpoved! :)