21 novembra, 2009

And the result is.....:)

Friends, thank you for praying for me during this time when I was deciding about my future, namely choosing the university I will go to. And here's the result. This is an edited excerpt from a letter I sent to those ten people I met with:
As you already know, I’ve been praying for almost a year about this period of time. That God would make His plans clear to me and that I would be able to make a step of confidence into the next year.

I must say that the Lord has exceeded my expectations regarding the clarity by which He guides me. I wrote down everything those ten people told me and I looked at it carefully. Considered it and tried to boil it down into good and right decisions. Fortunately that wasn’t that hard, because I haven’t met with much of a contradiction between what they all said to me.

After considering everything I’ve heard from them, looking at my life and asking God to make it clear I can say I know what the Lord wants me to do (at least the next step He wants me to take). There were many questions and many ways. Such as: should I go and study theology at all? If so, when? Now or later? Where? In Slovakia or somewhere else? And if not theology, what else should I do? God didn’t let me alone with these questions and He gave me guidance along the way to resolve this and to come up with an idea that would be pleasing to Him and give Him glory.

I believe that God would be pleased if I went and studied theology. I am convinced that the best place where to do so is Banká Bystrica at KETM. So I will apply for that university. If God wills, that’s where I’ll be next year. But I don’t want that to be everything I do. I don’t want it to be over after KETM and so I would like to do some more studies outside of Slovakia, where I can get better and deeper education. But I believe that KETM can give me the best preparation I will need for ministry here in Slovakia.

God didn’t use this time only to show me the next step in my life; He also helped me to clarify the vision, desire, and purpose in my ministry. Let me tell you about these for a little moment. There are basically two main visions (desires) I have (right now):

  1. I want people to experience what I experience, namely joy and love that comes from God. To be more specific I could say it in one clear sentence: I want people to cry because of what has Jesus done for them! Not the kind of cry that is sorrowful but the kind of cry and tears that are joyful because God Himself loves them and died for them. I don’t want them just to know this, I want them to live it, experience it in such a way that brings tears into their eyes.
  2. I don’t want Revelation 2:4-5 to be true for those people. Jesus says in Revelation 2:4-5 „But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent, and do the works you did at first.” There are hundreds of people in the church in Slovakia that lost their first love. They’re not in love with God anymore. They’re not passionate about Him anymore. They have lost the zeal they once used to be living with. And that’s my desire. I want to awake in them the love they once had for Christ and His people. I want them to burn with passion and zeal for Him and His glory. I want them to be awaken.

All together it’s been a little over a month of time while I was meeting with all these people. It’s been a fruitful and encouraging season for me that I am really thankful for. So in the end I can say that this all has been a success.


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brynne povedal(a)...

Praise God! Thank you for sharing the result of this time. It is so incredibly exciting to hear you talk about the desires God has given you to share his good news. We'll continue to be in prayer for you. :)

Janka povedal(a)...

Marek, je super, že vidíš tak jasne vízie pre svoj život. Je to povzbudenie pozorovať to ako sa meníš a rastieš. Som šťastná za teba!