19 novembra, 2009

What is really imporant?

 Couple of days ago I was reading about the life of David Brainerd and as I was walking home last night I was asking myself a question of what is really important? If it's not how much we do or accomplish, then what is it? I found an explanation in what Piper said:

The amazing thing may not be that he died so early and accomplished so little, but that, being as sick as he was, he lived as long as he did and accomplished so much.

If we are to decide whether somebody's life was "successful" based on how much has this person accomplished, David Brainerd would probably not be among those Top 10. However, he's one of the most influential people in the history of the church in matters of missions.

It is an inspiring thought that one small pebble dropped in the sea of history can produce waves of grace that break on dis- tant shores hundreds of years later and thousands of miles away. Robert Glover ponders this thought with wonder when he writes, 
It was Brainerd’s holy life that influenced Henry Martyn to become a missionary and was a prime factor in William Carey’s inspiration. Carey in turn moved Adoniram Judson. And so we trace the spiritual lineage from step to step—Hus, Wycliffe, Francke, Zinzendorf, the Wesleys and Whitefield, Brainerd, Edwards, Carey, Judson, and ever onward in the true apostolic succession of spiritual grace and power and world-wide ministry.
 So it is not about how much we do as it is  about why, for whom and how we do it. If our goal is to glorify God and we do it out of selfless motives - then our ministry is more glorifying to God then anything else. For Jesus himself says: there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents. That's all it takes for a huge celebration in Heavens. Another quote from the book.

Who can describe the value of one soul transferred from the king- dom of darkness, and from the weeping and gnashing of teeth, to the kingdom of God’s dear Son! If we live twenty-nine years or if we live ninety-nine years, would not any hardships be worth the saving of one person from the eternal torments of hell for the everlasting enjoyment of the glory of God?

So my friends, may we set our hearts and eyes for way greater things then numbers and stats. Let's set our hearts, minds and eyes to the glory of God and the joy of Christ we have a share in. 

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