28 júna, 2010

Cornhill - London - Day Update #1

This is actually an update of a day and a half. I left Bratislava on Saturday at 6pm. I was surprised because the bus full. I didn’t expected it to be that full. There were many gypsies, but the hardest thing was that they stunk. A lot! So my main job during the whole trip was to be loving and not hating. On the bus we were watching some movies, what would be OK if those movies were appropriate to watch – which they weren’t. So I ended up totally bored. I didn’t want to watch the movies and I could read (cause it was too loud). Finally they turned it off (at 12:30am!) and I went to sleep – actually, I tried to. Altogether I slept about three hours and didn’t feel refreshed the next morning. We went through Austria, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, France and finally (through the Channel Tunnel) UK.

But there was another problem: the bus was over 2 hours late and I ran out of all my water. So I ended up dehydrated – quite a lot actually. When I got to London I was suppose to meet Andy (I’m staying at his place) in other part of London. So I was going to take the Underground which was lots of fun cause I had no idea where I was going. I hoped I knew but it was much of a guess. In the end I made it and met with Andy.

So around 8pm I came “home” with Sam (Andy’s roommate) and I fixed me some water while I was drinking liters of water to try to get rid off the awful headache that was driving me crazy for six hours by this time. After the dinner I took a shower and went to sleep – finally (since I didn’t really sleep the previous night).

Cornhill starts tomorrow…

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