26 júna, 2010

Cornhill - London

Tomorrow evening I’m leaving to London for a little over a week. Proclamation Trust has a school called Cornhill Training Course. They have a 1-year full time course for Bible teachers/preachers. At first, I wanted to take this course before I go off for seminary, but they told me that their experience tells them that it’s better for me to go first to seminary and then come to Cornhill. But in March there was a preaching conference here in Slovakia and the speak was David Jackman who founded Cornhill. We met and I was asking him some questions and then he invited me to come to Cornhill for summer school. It’s a one week long “school”.

At first I thought it impossible that in my already busy summer schedule there would be a free week that would also be the same week when the summer school takes place. But guess what? I was so!

So I stated some talk and investigation cause I was interested in going there. But then I came to another “catch” – money. The course itself would cost me some €90 and then room and board would be really expensive (since Cornhill is in the very center of London). But Jesus said it best: With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God (Mark 10:27).

People at Cornhill were so helpful and kind that they offered me the entire course for free! And not just that, they also found me a place where I can stay and eat! I mean, seriously, if this is not God taking care, then tell me what.

You see, all the problems with money come because of the ministry I’m involved in. Because it would be seriously impossible for me to do school, have a part-time job and do ministry at my church. So could of years ago I stood before a decision: ministry OR money. I put my trust in Jesus’ words: seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you (Matthew 6:33). And I can tell you one things for sure: He does take care of his own!

Then there was yet another problem: how do I get to London? Having about €10 in my wallet (that’s about all I have:) I figured that it would be enough to get me to London and back! Could of days after I got the news from Cornhill that they will help me in these ways I was on the phone with grandpa and I was telling him how awesomely has every worked out. To my surprise he said: Well, that being the case, you can know that we will pay your travel expenses.

Friends, God has shown great mercy by allowing me to come to Cornhill. Even though it will be only a week I believe I will learn a lot and that every step it took to get there will be well worth it. My (naive) plan is to post a “day update” at the end of every day. There are two reasons why I’ll be doing so:

1. I want to share with you about the wonderful things God is going to do,
2. It will “force” me to reflect every day on what God was doing and so I won’t go to sleep being ignorant of his grace.

Well, that’s all for now. The first “day update” should be up on Sunday evening.


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