28 júna, 2010

Cornhill - London - Day Update #2

I woke up in the morning and the headache was gone! I felt great. I slept awesome nine hours and was ready for Cornhill. Had some cornflakes and coffee with Sam for breakfast and then I headed off for Cornhill. However, there was a catch: I don’t want to use the subway if not necessary (since it’s expensive and I’m trying to keep my expenses as low as possible). So there was a trip ahead of me to Cornhill – on my own! But it wasn’t that hard, although one wrong turn could delay me enough to be late.

In the end I found my way to Cornhill and came there 5 minutes in advance (just to found out that the schedule had been changed and we were to start 30 minutes later). Each day we will have about three “classes” and a group session. But there was one thing that made this day still not that nice…

…and that was my health. I felt sick even before I left Slovakia and the bus and traveling didn’t probably help it a lot. I felt really sick in the morning and a thought of getting sick in UK was not pleasant. But I grabbed some pills (well, not just some, but the kind that should make you feel OK) and I felt fine afterwards. I hope that I will be able to get better just by sleeping well in the evenings, cause I didn’t come here to be sick in bed.

After the lectures were over I went into a library where I immediately found a book that I wanted to read. So I started with reading but then I had to leave cause they were about to lock the building. The library opens about 30 minutes before the school starts and closes about an hour after the school so I suppose that’s the time I will be spending there.

Now I’m sitting in my room writing this. I’ll go to make something for dinner, take a shower and read some. And then go to sleep. I plan to spend the rest of the afternoons downtown in London and be walking around and seeing stuff.

One more observation: There are so many Muslims in London! But I will write some more about it tomorrow…


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