10 marca, 2009

Youth in Žilina and I

This weekend Dominik and I went to Žilina for another ŠPM (don't think there's ever enough, I love going there). But for this weekend the students got a special assignment: to prepare and lead the whole youth in local evangelical church. So for the last couple of weeks we were trying to figure out how to do this all. And since the students are spread all around Slovakia the only way to do this all was facebook. So we planned the whole youth on facebook. Cool, huh? :)

So we were discussing what would the topic be and what we want to do. About a week ago we finally got it mostly worked out and the topic was suppose to be about growth. To support their youth to grow. For some reason (God knows why:) Jozef (my classmate:) suggested me to be teaching. At first I did not know whether to take it or not. There were many things that were pushing away from the idea to go for it. First: I have never done anything like that before. I would go into something completely new and unknown to me. Second: I'm not that smart (what I mean by that is that there are people at ŠPM that could do a better job then I so why should I do it?). Third: the biggest event I was teaching at was Dorast with twelve thirteen-years-old kids. This time it would be in front of more then thirty people (a half of them were people from ŠPM with the teachers [people I really respect and honor] and another half of people I have never seen). And there was only one reason that was telling me to go. And that was, that if God is with me, there’s nothing that I need to fear. I saw this all as a huge challenge. And then I recalled: if I want to walk on water, I have to get out of the boat. And so I stepped forth.

Saturday came and I was nervous. I wasn’t sure whether what I’ve prepared will enrich the people I was about to talk to and I didn’t want this all to go to waste. But there was only one reason why I was doing all of this and that’s to give all the glory to God. And if I give Him everything I don’t have to be afraid because it’s all His and He will take care of it all. Just and only for Him.

My time came and as I was walking to the front I whispered for myself: Not to me but to You LORD be the all glory. And I began to talk. I was talking about overcoming fear with a purpose of growing as a youth. Not to be afraid and make disciples of all nations. And I got into this really great mood when I felt God was using me and I was a servant He was rejoicing over. I enjoy those times. But this time it was different than ever before. Over thirty people and I talking. But I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Vice versa I felt fine and it was not a problem to do or say anything. I was really happy and pleased as people were listening to me and were paying attention. Don’t get me wrong, not because of me, but because of the message I was sharing with them and I was glad to see that God was using that. When I finished I figured out a surprising fact. I was up front there talking for fifty minutes! And there was nobody that would seem bored or sleepy. Oh, how greatly God used that evening.

However. there was one thing I was afraid of before the youth. And that was that in case that the teaching would go well people would come to me afterwards and say: That was some good teaching. Good job! Well done. etc... I did not want that to happen because I have tasted the taste of praise and I know the risk. But that’s what actually happened. People were coming and saying that it was really good. But these words did not make me think high of myself. It made me think higher of God because He has done something good through me. And more feedbacks were coming. The teachers at ŠPM said things like: As you were talking I was still waiting what’s the next thing you’ll say. I was excited. Or: When you stood up there and said your first sentences I already knew it’s gonna be something good. Then I met with Zac and he gave me an awesome feedback (he told me of things I had no idea about and that helped me to focus more on them so next time it will be better – btw, Zac is a great feedbacker:)

Jozef (my classmate) told me, that he heard the story of David and Goliath so many times but never heard that the way I said it and that the whole teaching was helpful to him. And Naďa (another of my classmates) said that the last time she was taking notes was a year ago but this time she had to start again.

At the end Peter (the director of ŠPM) said: When I saw all of the verses you wrote down that you want to go through them I thought like ‘How in the world does he want to do that?’ But you did a great job on that. If I didn’t have to translate to Zac I would be staring at you with my mouth open. You’ve done a great job and have a serious gift from God.

You know, I don’t want this all to look like I’m boasting in what I’ve done because I haven’t done anything. He has done it all and I was just used as an instrument. And if I boast in anything so it is the cross (Gal 6:41) for here where I am right know and what has been done through me the other day God made to happen in not even two years. It’s like what? Twenty one months since I became a Christian? And I am so glad that God is using me and that He doesn’t let go away even a single day when He would not be teaching me.

So, that’s all from me about the past weekend. But after all, glory be to God alone....

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