18 apríla, 2009

My first father-son-only time

Just to give you a short backdrop. The relationship I have with my parents is not really good. I mean I'm not happy about the way it is. And I believe my parents see it the same way. The problem is that we're not able to find a way to each other. When I try I miss them and they don't know what I was doing. When they try I don't get them. So we both try but we always miss. It's like we use a different channel to communicate at and we never get the same.

About a month ago I was thinking about my relationship with my dad. You know, I realized that I don't have any. I mean, he's my father but that's it. We have no relationship and that's why it's hard for us to get along well. Then I tried to look into my past to see some history I had with my dad when I was a kid. But there's nothing. Well, there are few things I remember but it's not that great compared that I'm almost nineteen. And so I decided to start new history with my dad.

I was thinking of what I could do with him. How to spend a good time and improve our relationship. I got an idea of going out for a hike. And so I was just waiting for a good weather to come. In the past couple of weeks it was really nice and the spring has come to Trnava and I decided that it's the right time to actually do something. So last week I said to my dad: Can you do me a favor? Don't make any plans for Friday. Just stay home and let me to schedule your day (he had a day off). He agreed and I began planning. It was nice to see that he called me on Thursday and asked me whether it's still going to happen. I could have heard in his voice that he was excited about it (I didn't tell his until the day before what we're gonna do).

So on Friday morning we took a train to a village near by and began our hike (I wasn't really sure about the hike cause I was using the map only and so it was quite possible for me to mess up and get lost:). It didn't take long and we began talking. Couple of times he said that he should have done such a thing (like to take his family out for a trip) a long time a ago. And so I was really happy to see that he realized that building a relationship is an important thing.

I spend with him eight hours that day. It were just him and I. It was our very first time since I remember that I've done anything with my dad. After those eight hours of talking I got to know him much better. We got a lot closer to each other and it helped me to understand my dad a lot more. And he was so excited that he wants to do these kind of thing more often. I think that our relationship got into the whole new level that day.

I just hope that one day, when I'll have my own family and my own children, I won't make the same mistake my dad did. That I would forget how importat it is to have and build the relationship with your own family.

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Seggi povedal(a)...

Wow Marek, to je vyborne ze si prevzal iniciativu a pokusil sa nieco s vasim vztahom urobit. a tesim sa ze aj tvomuj tatovi sa to pacilo. super! Prajem ti, nech mate takychto vyletov pri ktorych sa budete navzajom viac spoznavat a prehlbovat vas vztah este vela ;)

Marek povedal(a)...

vdaka seggi:)