20 apríla, 2009

somebody's gonna get it...

in a week from today i leave to austria to spend a week there. there's this english project at our school that i stared when i came to this school. it's an international project where schools from europe (slovakia, czech republic, austria, germany, france, ireland) are working together. the first year at high school i went for a week to germany. what i do there is that i live with a student in his family during my stay. the school does many kinds of activities for me and we have lots of fun. in the afternoons and the evening i spend my time with the family.

last year i went to czech republic. at this time i was already a christian and i've decided that one of my goals will be that i want to share the good news with this family. right from the first day i came i was looking for an opportunity to share the gospel (i didn't really want to pop the question out of blue). the day before i was suppose to leave i noticed a big cross hanging on the wall in one of the rooms. so when i was eating the dinner i just said: i saw you have that nice cross downstairs. are you christians? and that opened the door for a conversation that lasted for over an hour and a half. before i left i was with girl that i was living in the family with and i gave her this small gideon bible and said to her: you may think you don't need this now but i want you to keep this. because there might be a day when you need it. she took it and i left.

this time i'm going to austria for a week. i'll stay in a family where the student's name is steven. he's 17 and i'll get to spend quite a lot of time with him. yesterday after the sunday service i said to paula, that i won't see her for two weeks cause i go to austia. and she remembered what i've done when i went to czech republic and she said: oh, somebody's gonna get it. and right after that she added: somebody's gonna get the gospel.

so my friends, i want to ask you for prayers. my main goal during next week will be to share the hope we all have in Jesus - the gospel. and please, just pray that God would use me there and that i would not be blind when the opportunity will come. instead i would recognize it and would go for it with the goal to fulfill what Jesus calls all of us to do - to go and make disciples of all nations...(Mt 28:19)

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