15 februára, 2009


Let me share with y'all about my Saturday, because it was probably the best one in a loooong time.

The plan was to take a shower and walk the dog in the morning. So I woke up at 8 and took a shower. When I was ready to walk the dog I found out that my dad had already walked him. And so I opened up the fridge and took some parky, put them into a pocket in my coat and left the home was heading to the Building. I needed to finish the teaching for Dorast (as you all are familiar that every other Saturday we have Dorast - and I'm sure you're keeping track so I suppose that y'all already knew that we had Dorast on Saturday:)

And so I worked on that for a while. After I was finished I made my parky and had the breakfast. After that I began to read a book (there's still about 100 pages in English that I need to read by tomorrow night:) I'm using the book as one of the sources that I use as I'm making my final esay for ŠPM. And so I began to read and make notes out of it and it was all good. Then Dominik came and we met for about an hour and we had a good time. Then Lenka came as well and we all had a team meeting that went really well. And after that Dorast began.

Usually we have about 10-12 kids for Dorast. This time only 5 kids came. (I'm sorry that I just said only of course it's not only and even a single kid is a great gift from God). And actually it turned out to be good that few came because it made the whole time more intimite and personal. I was teaching on God - the Son (Jusus Christ). And I was really encourdged when I looked at the kids and I saw their faces to be staring at me and listening to was I was talking. Then we had a discussions and that went great as well.
Later Dominik went to play flourball and Lenka and I were talking for about an hour. Then I walked her to a bus stop and she left home. I returned to the Building and was cleaning up after Dorast and setting up for the church. I was leaving the Building at 9.30pm.

When I did the math I figured out that I spent about 10 full hours "working" and yet it was one of the best Saturdays in a looooong time. And I realized I really like to do this and want to. I did not write this all to show off how much I worked but just to share my joy with you all because I felt really happy when I was in my bed that night......

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